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EASTER SPECIAL SALES - 25% DISCOUNT & MORE !!!! ends TUESDAY April 22nd 2014 !!!!
EASTER SPECIAL SALES - 25% DISCOUNT & MORE !!!! ends TUESDAY April 22nd 2014 !!!!
EASTER SPECIAL SALES - 25% DISCOUNT & MORE !!!! ends TUESDAY April 22nd 2014 !!!!
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Kaasan Mom's Life / Mainichi Kasan DVD (ENG SUB)

Price (ship within US (including APO and Hawaii)/Canada*):
Not Available
English / off
1 DVD Box Set (NTSC - All Region)
Kyoko Koizumi, Masatoshi Nagase, Kosuke Yabe & Mau Konishi

Story line:
2011 Release

Rieko Saibara (Kyoko Koizumi) is a cartoonist and mother of a 6-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl. When she has a difficult time, she throws away her problems with laughter. Her husband Kamoshitda (Masatoshi Nagase) used to be a war camera man, but now he's addicted to alcohol. He struggles to overcome his problem, but keeps failing. Finally, they get divorced. After Kamoshida loses his family, he realizes how precious they are. He focuses on getting away from alcohol, but another disease comes to him. Even though Saibara knows that he can not make it for long, she accepts him back to her family again. Since then a happy, but short, time exists for the family of four.

Cover Picture:

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