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JANUARY SPECIAL SALES - 30% DISCOUNT & MORE !!!! - ends Tuesday January 27th 2015 !!!!
JANUARY SPECIAL SALES - 30% DISCOUNT & MORE !!!! - ends Tuesday January 27th 2015 !!!!
JANUARY SPECIAL SALES - 30% DISCOUNT & MORE !!!! - ends Tuesday January 27th 2015 !!!!

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Korean Drama


Final Jump / The Last Match
The Last Match is a drama about friendship, betrayal, love, success - all centered around a theme of "basketball". Through this Mini-series, Dong ......

Starring: Jang Dong Gun & Shim Eun Ha

Price:Not Available

Beautiful My Lady
Junho Hwnang an unknown boxer who grew up as an orphan, worked as a mediator at the back alley one day
fell in low with his dream lady Sunyong ......

Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Shim Eun Ha & Song Seung Hun

Price:Not Available

Age Of Innocent
This great Korean Drama stars new Korean artist Go Su and famous star Kim Min-Hee, presents a touching tale about conflicts in friendship and love. ......

Starring: Go Su, Kim Min Hee & Park Jung Chul

Price:$ 36.00
Sales: $ 9.99

Love Wind Love Song
Tae Hi (Jang Dong Gun) just had his heart shattered so it's natural for him to squirm at the thought of romance. Wanting some time away, he heads to ......

Starring: Jang Dong Gun & Ko So Young

Price:Not Available

Bungee Jumping of Their Own
On a rainy day in 1983, In-Woo (Byung-Hun Lee) meets Tae-Hee (Eun-Joo Lee) to experience love at first sight. But just as their love ripens, In-Woo ......

Starring: Lee Byung Hun & Lee Eun Joo

Price:Not Available

Summer Scent (VCD)
The third in the series of dramas made by Yoon Suhk Ho PD (Fall Story, Winter Sonata), Summer Scent is just as captivating in its scenes and ......

Starring: Song Seung Hun, Son Ye Jin

Price:$ 39.99
Sales: $ 9.99

High quiality melodrama with profound psychological sketch

This drama delicately views Cinderella Complex still alive in every women of modern ......

Starring: Kim Seung Woo, Kim Chan Woo

Price:Not Available

The Trio
As a younger child, Sohn Ji Chang is the son of a politician. Although his dad always runs for office, he never wins, which is what makes Sohn Ji ......

Starring: Kim So Yun (All About Eve), Sohn Ji Chang & Ryu Jin

Price:Not Available

All In (Deluxe Set)
As a kid, all Lee Byung Hun has done was to follow his gambler uncle around and cheat for him. As a high school student, he hangs out with his ......

Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Song Hye Gyo

Price:Not Available

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